Eddsfield Weather Station.


The weather station went live on the web on the 16th of February 2003.

It was made possible from donations received from commercial companies, Mr Angus Lees, the GB3RS repeater group and individual donations made at the airfield. It is hoped that the information on the web will be useful to both visiting  and resident pilots.

The original station consisted of an Oragon Scientific  WMR-928 weather station connected to a pc running Weather Display software. This terminally failed on the 29th of September 2006.

The new weather station consists of a Davis Wireless Vantage Pro 2 connected to a pc running Weather Display software.

The new weather station went live on the web on the 24th of October 2006.

The hardware is fairly straight forward and consists of four remote sensors reporting data to the main unit which records and displays the information. This is linked to the pc via a serial cable.

The web cam image is produced with a Logitech 3000 web cam mounted in a home made external enclosure. Pictures are grabbed every 5 minutes and Active Web Cam posts them to the site every ten minutes.


16/02/03 Oragon Scientific Station fitted and configured with W.D. to publish on web.

7/09/03  Soil temperature probe added to station. Measures temperature of soil at a depth of 10cm. Not much use for aviation but good for the local farmers who use the WX station. Just need to figure out how to publish the data to the web.

18/09/03 Changed service providers from plus.net to fireflyuk.net in an attempt to establish a more reliable internet connection and web page updates. Fingers crossed!

30/09/03 Repaired soil temperature sensor. Sensor back online.

21/01/04 Temperature and Humidity sensor going US overnight. New one ordered.

28/01/04 New sensor fitted. Will finally get a reading on the cold northerly wind.

28/01/04 Soil temperature sensor now US. Wire chewed through by rodents! Will re solder when I can dig sensor out of snow drift.

01/02/04 Soil temperature sensor repaired and back online.

16/09/04 Hopefully now back online after nearly a month logging data but not publishing. What started as a motherboard upgrade to aid the placement of a second webcam became a complete system upgrade. I will try to get the second webcam online when I am sure that the system is stable.

20/09/04 New ventilated shroud placed over outside temp sensor. Corrects reading down by approx 1.7 of a degree.

21/10/04 New rain gauge and transmitter fitted.

25/10/04 Rain gauge now fully working.

31/01/05 Weather station taken offline in preparation to the fitting of a broadband node and software upgrade.

05/02/05 Software updated and on test. Web cam moved position, new camera fitted and on test. Proposed live date for station now

09/02/05 No date proposed for broadband connection by providers yet. Investigations continue into having a live and interactive weather site when broadband arrives.

06/02/05 Once again publishing data to the web. Webcam not uploading. Investigating.

08/02/05 Webcam back online. Turned out to be an undocumented change in software. Soil temperature not updating now. Investigating.

27/02/06 New webcam installed. Stevenson screen installed to correct position errors introduced on outside temperature and humidity. UV sensor moved to combat position error due to uneven heating profile due to metal roof in close proximity. Consideration given to raising height of anemometer to 67ft and therefore a more stable air flow. Tests to continue.

09/03/06  Updated software installed. Weather Display live. Trial. Still problems from broadband connection which has plagued the project from the start. We are twelve months behind on this trial. Slow upload speeds can lead to the data appearing to "hang" and an error message displayed.

14/03/06  Stevenson screen success. Diurnal effects of heating seem to have been evened out and the temperature has stabilised around 0.3 deg C lower.

01/09/06 Station stopped updating to web server for no discernable reason. Investigations continue.

02/09/06 Rain gauge "sticking" new bucket ordered. Not in stock.

04/09/06 Back online, again for no discernable reason. Camera software "tweaked" still a dark image but quality is a little better.

29/09/06 Temperature sender failed again, looks permanent. My electronics expertise have deserted me and I cant fix the rain gauge. I have therefore admitted defeat and ordered a Vantage Pro 2. The Oregan has served well for three years but its time has come.

24/10/06 New Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless fitted. Standard sensors for now until station stable. Back online after longest outage yet.

11/12/06 Stability tests completed. Added Solar Radiation to sensor suite. Now on test and publishing to W.D. Live etc. Using solar data to "set" icon on main screen. Hopefully this will work as a cloud cover sensor at night. Will add Soil moisture and soil temperature probes when Solar sensor settled in.

23/12/06 Outside air temperature and humidity gone U.S. Reading minus 20 deg.

11/01/07  Langtoft.net (LN Communications) (Internet Providers) down since 02:00. Only manual uploads possible on dial up. Fault reported.

16/01/07  LN Communications have decided withdrawn there wireless service. I have ordered another broadband solution. I hope to have this up and running within the next 14 days. Hopefully this will be more reliable without outages being a thing of the past.

17/01/07 Wow. New service provider pulled out all the stops. Connected in 24hours. Back online in test mode.

18/01/07 Station officially back online after internet outage. Temperature sensor failed and then resurrected itself. Monitoring data in anticipation of swapping out sensor. New version of W.D.Live uploaded. Now works with I.E. 7 in preparation for Vista.

29/01/07 Internet now 5.5Mb down and 526k upstream at no extra cost. Will experiment with live cameras.

11/02/07 Temp and humidity sensor down. Returned for replacement to ukweathershop.co.uk. I have been warned that their service is not as good as it used to be. We will see. They certainly are no longer the cheapest or most communicative via email.

23/02/07 Still no response. It would appear that the rumors are true. I hear good things about Skyview Systems so will try them next.

21/03/07 Back online with new sensors. New UK importers for Davis supplied the goods at last.

24/12/07 Station outage. Computer crashes.

27/12/07 Back online. Faulty graphics card now replaced.

24/09/08 Looses wireless link to sensor overnight. Sensor battery change may fix.

07/10/08 Battery solution did not fix sensor. Intermittent fault. This is the second sensor to go down in two years. Contacted  ukweathershop.co.uk who have pulled out the stops and are sending a free replacement of a new design. will fit on arrival.

11/10/08 New sensor fitted and works first time. This sensor is an improved version so hopefully will last a little longer.  Web camera back online after re wiring of camera.

20/02/10 Anemometer down. Skyview Data Systems informed. Next day delivery, wow. Just need to get it fitted.

24/02/10 Anemometer replaced and working. Last one failed after three and a half years. Wind vane on old sensor was stiffer than the new one. Dont know how long this had afected gust direction data.

2/11/10 Weather station not publishing data due to snow pulling down line.

10/01/11 New windows 7 computer installed as old one died.

15/01/11 Weather station now back online.

18/01/11 Anemometer and direction moved onto mast in clear air to give more accurate data.

20/01/11 New webcam put on temporary position as old one failed with Windows 7 upgrade.

08/05/12 Solar panel on transmitter U.S., station goes blank after a series of dull days.

11/10/12 Intermittant reception and display on console. Upraded firmware.

06/02/13 New console installed. Back up and running.